Alumni Meet

Alumni Meet Up

  • 27/01/2024 to 28/01/2024
Objective of the event:
  • Providing alumni with an opportunity of interacting on a personal and professional level with their seniors, opening doors to teamwork, career advancement and mentorship.
  • Building a sense of community among alumni entails fostering a shared identity and pride in their alma mater as well as enhancing their sense of camaraderie and belonging.
  • Encouraging former students to participate in presentations, seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions, events, talks or panel discussions to exchange ideas, perspectives, and expertise.
  • Encouraging previous students to network with current students in the hopes that they could serve as mentors, advisors, or even recruiters for internships or employment is known as recruitment.
  • Fundraising is the process of establishing relationships with former students who may be prepared to support their university financially through contributions, sponsorships, or other means.
  • Creating an environment where important events, achievements and contributions from graduates to the institute community are recognized and celebrated.
  • Giving graduates a meaningful and valuable experience that deepens their connection to the institution and promotes the alumni association's and the university's ongoing success is the ultimate goal.


    A lively alumni gathering was arranged by the Sanaka Educational Trust, bringing together former students from different graduation classes to reconnect and share memories of their common experiences. Alumni were able to share ideas and career insights with one another at the event, using the diversity of their work experiences since their time at the institution. Alumni who had been apart for a long time were reunited and laughter and joy were abundant amid the professional networking and career advice exchange. Fond recollections and college memories were shared. In keeping with the celebratory atmosphere, a delectable spread of food and drinks was provided, enabling alumni to savor culinary treats as they carried on their conversations and forged bonds with other guests. All things considered, the alumni meet up, put on by the Sanaka Educational Trust was a huge success, encouraging a feeling of connection and community between former and current students. It was evidence of the strong relationships created by common experiences, a dedication to lifelong learning and teamwork.


The program was successfully completed as per the schedule.